Balance of Life in Nature

Like everywhere else in the universe, Nature always maintains balance in life on our planet. This is done through certain preset systems but despite all the wisdom we rarely pay attention even to known systems. There are lots and lots of happenings on our planet but we think that those are perhaps of no consequence to us. Is it really so?

God has given countless gifts to us. One of those is balance of life on earth but mostly we do not even think of it, let alone being thankful. We very ironically talk of the fish that they eat their own smaller ones and so about snakes. It is a well-known fact that bigger fish eats the smaller one and the snakes eat away their own offsprings. Birds like eagles also hunt the innocent and defenseless birds. Have you ever thought why they do so?

If the fish did not eat the smaller ones, millenniums ago their number would have increased to the extent that shipping would not have been possible for human being. There would be fish everywhere in the sea and other water channels obstructing the water transport everywhere. Similarly, if the snakes did not eat away their offsprings, countless snakes would have been running around everywhere on earth terrifying and killing the humans and other animals. So is the case with eagles and other hunting birds. Can you imagine how many birds would have been flying around had the nature not been operating this way?

It is a gift of God to human beings that He created fish but did not allow the number to increase to troublesome limit. God surely has a purpose of creating the snakes that we might not truly understand but keeping their number low is definitely a gift to his most beloved creature, the human being. So be happy and thankful to God for the systems He created, for He knows the importance of balance among all the creations living on our planet. It also contains a lesson for us that we must maintain balance in our lives, which is very important.

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