Role of Mind Power in Healing

Health and sickness are part of life. Falling sick is not unusual. Everyone falls sick one or the other time but everyone does not react in the same way.

Upon falling sick, some take it as part of life and go for treatment with a calm mind. They care for their health but don’t worry about it. Sickness does not depress them for too long. No matter how sick they are, if you ask “how are you”, the response is “Oh, I am fine and fit”. This is positive use of mind power.

On the other hand, some are badly shaken and start complaining. If you ask them “how are you”, their usual response is “I am sick”, “I am not well”, “I am not ok” etc. They let their sickness ride their mind, abilities and calmness all the time. This is being negative and bad use of mind power.

It is not a question of lying or being truthful; it is a matter of being negative or positive. One should understand that complaining doesn’t and cannot cure anyone. It rather sends message to the universe asking more of it. If you have ever noticed, people with calm and positive mind get cured much earlier than the complaining ones. And it is not just the sickness – complaining types suffer in every field, every aspect of their life. Healing systems also do not give their best in such cases.

Please remember that Nature doesn’t like complaints, it only likes gratitude. So switch over, if you need to.

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