Popularity of Reiki

Reiki is a very simple healing system but does not seem to gain as much popularity as it deserves. Why? There could be several reasons for it.
  • One of the reasons could be that many people are still skeptical about its efficacy, perhaps due to lack of adequate information about what exactly it is and how it works.
  • Another reason could be the time factor. Since each treatment session takes nearly an hour or so and several sessions may be required in most cases, busy persons

Role of Mind Power in Healing

Health and sickness are part of life. Falling sick is not unusual. Everyone falls sick one or the other time but everyone does not react in the same way.

Upon falling sick, some take it as part of life and go for treatment with a calm mind. They care for their health but don’t worry about it. Sickness does not depress them for too long. No matter how sick they are, if you ask “how are you”, the response is “Oh, I am fine and fit”. This is positive use of mind power.

On the other hand,

Collective Protection and Human Concept

I read a saying somewhere that if a young bird falls from the nest, the whole jungle wakes up. Once I also saw a herd of elephants on National Geographic Channel that had their siblings with them, all grazing calmly but as soon as they felt a lion approaching and smelled the danger, they immediately moved all the small ones to the center and formed a protective circle around them. All of them were collectively protecting all their children rather than leaving it to their parents. They had taken upon themselves that protection of their children was

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-physical and invisible energy. The word Reiki is used in two meanings: as the name of a healing energy, which can be channeled and used for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and as the name of a system that uses Reiki as the healing energy. “Reiki” is the name Dr. Mikao Usui gave to his way of natural healing. The word means “Universal Life-Force Energy”. As the name indicates, it is universal in nature and thus present everywhere in everything all over the universe.

Every living being is born with Reiki. Human beings can

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