Balance of Life in Nature

Like everywhere else in the universe, Nature always maintains balance in life on our planet. This is done through certain preset systems but despite all the wisdom we rarely pay attention even to known systems. There are lots and lots of happenings on our planet but we think that those are perhaps of no consequence to us. Is it really so?

God has given countless gifts to us. One of those is balance of life on earth but mostly we do not even think of it, let alone being thankful. We very ironically talk of the fish that they eat their own smaller ones and so about snakes. It is a well-known fact that bigger fish eats the smaller one and the snakes eat away their own offsprings. Birds like eagles also hunt the innocent and defenseless birds. Have you ever thought why they do so?

If the fish did not eat the smaller ones, millenniums ago their number would have increased to the extent that shipping would not have been possible for human being. There would be fish everywhere in the sea and other water channels obstructing the water transport everywhere. Similarly, if the snakes did not eat away their offsprings, countless snakes would have been running around everywhere on earth terrifying and killing the humans and other animals. So is the case with eagles and other hunting birds. Can you imagine how many birds would have been flying around had the nature not been operating this way?

It is a gift of God to human beings that He created fish but did not allow the number to increase to troublesome limit. God surely has a purpose of creating the snakes that we might not truly understand but keeping their number low is definitely a gift to his most beloved creature, the human being. So be happy and thankful to God for the systems He created, for He knows the importance of balance among all the creations living on our planet. It also contains a lesson for us that we must maintain balance in our lives, which is very important.

Reiki Healing

Basically, Reiki is meant for personal development at all the four levels, namely physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. For healing at physical level, Reiki a complementary healing system but can also be used as primary system in certain cases. When used as complementary system, it does not interfere with regular treatment. It rather supports it.

Reiki can be safely and effectively used as primary healing system for treatment of chronic diseases, and for those diseases that have no treatment in traditional medical system but quick results may not be expected. It is important to understand that results of healing sessions depend on many factors including but not limited to nature and stage of the disease and individual's acceptance of the energy etc. Certain persons are slow in accepting the energy while some are quite quick. As the person gets relief, you would know it from the condition of the recipient. Please remember that success not come instantly; only the disasters do.

And last but not the least, Reiki cannot prolong anyone's life; no healing system can. So do not attach unrealistic expectations with Reiki healing.

Popularity of Reiki

Reiki is a very simple healing system but does not seem to gain as much popularity as it deserves. Why? There could be several reasons for it.
  • One of the reasons could be that many people are still skeptical about its efficacy, perhaps due to lack of adequate information about what exactly it is and how it works.
  • Another reason could be the time factor. Since each treatment session takes nearly an hour or so and several sessions may be required in most cases, busy persons don't go for it. Time is one thing that majority doesn't have. Most of the people believe in fast cure, so they eliminate Reiki unless they are left with no other choice. Practically it is not Reiki alone that takes time in treatment of physical diseases, most other systems too need time but people consider Reiki a slower system.
  • Treatment cost could be yet another factor that makes the people think of more affordable ways of treatment.
On the other hand, there are also people who prefer to go for Reiki due to its clear advantages but they are not many in number. Majority also does not use Reiki for purposes other than healing just the physical body, which is in fact a very limited use. It can actually be used for much more and several other purposes. Treatment of physical diseases is only a small part of what Reiki can do.

Whatever be the reasons, factually Reiki is not as popular as it should have been. Probably it will take some more time for Reiki to rule the world.

Role of Mind Power in Healing

Health and sickness are part of life. Falling sick is not unusual. Everyone falls sick one or the other time but everyone does not react in the same way.

Upon falling sick, some take it as part of life and go for treatment with a calm mind. They care for their health but don’t worry about it. Sickness does not depress them for too long. No matter how sick they are, if you ask “how are you”, the response is “Oh, I am fine and fit”. This is positive use of mind power.

On the other hand, some are badly shaken and start complaining. If you ask them “how are you”, their usual response is “I am sick”, “I am not well”, “I am not ok” etc. They let their sickness ride their mind, abilities and calmness all the time. This is being negative and bad use of mind power.

It is not a question of lying or being truthful; it is a matter of being negative or positive. One should understand that complaining doesn’t and cannot cure anyone. It rather sends message to the universe asking more of it. If you have ever noticed, people with calm and positive mind get cured much earlier than the complaining ones. And it is not just the sickness – complaining types suffer in every field, every aspect of their life. Healing systems also do not give their best in such cases.

Please remember that Nature doesn’t like complaints, it only likes gratitude. So switch over, if you need to.

Collective Protection and Human Concept

I read a saying somewhere that if a young bird falls from the nest, the whole jungle wakes up. Once I also saw a herd of elephants on National Geographic Channel that had their siblings with them, all grazing calmly but as soon as they felt a lion approaching and smelled the danger, they immediately moved all the small ones to the center and formed a protective circle around them. All of them were collectively protecting all their children rather than leaving it to their parents. They had taken upon themselves that protection of their children was their collective responsibility, an excellent instinctive act.

 Human beings think somewhat differently and generally practice the concept of “my child and your child”. The children are mostly considered the responsibility of their parents. The concept of collective protection does not seem to exist. Even worse is that at times they don’t hesitate in harming and even killing the children of their enemies. This is being merciless and cruel and against all norms and ethics of humanity.

 Reiki teaches to be kind and merciful to everyone, not just the human beings and their children but also to the animals. While practicing Reiki, one does not have to and should not restrict oneself to just the five principles (precepts) of Reiki. There is lot more to be kept in mind and practiced. That is why it is said that Reiki is not just a healing system; it is a way of life.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-physical and invisible energy. The word Reiki is used in two meanings: as the name of a healing energy, which can be channeled and used for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and as the name of a system that uses Reiki as the healing energy. “Reiki” is the name Dr. Mikao Usui gave to his way of natural healing. The word means “Universal Life-Force Energy”. As the name indicates, it is universal in nature and thus present everywhere in everything all over the universe.

Every living being is born with Reiki. Human beings can learn to use Reiki at will and carry out healing for self or others including animals and plants. The ability needs to be acquired through a Reiki Master/Teacher. Once the ability is gained, it stays for life time; is never lost till the person moves on to the other realm. If you wish to read more about Reiki, visit this page.

Learning Reiki is quite easy. All that you need is the decision to learn and a Reiki Master/Teacher to teacher. Just find a Reiki teacher, make the appointment, go and learn. It usually takes only few hours for the basic level. There are no regular classes for weeks or months and there are no examinations or books to memorize. Yes, it is that easy. For more information on how to learn Reiki and how it is taught, you may like to have a look at this page on my main website.

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